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    Ok, I'm about to get a 700p (have a 650 now).

    But I have a couple of questions:

    1) I have up to $100/month (from work) for my data+ voice plan. Best data/voice plan bet with sprint?

    2) What do I have to do to get bluetooth DUN working from my MacBook Pro (I realize that the EVDO connection will be limited by bluetooth). I'm not trying to "Trick" sprint or anything like that.

    3) What do I have to do to get a USB Modem capability from my MacBook Pro when I want the full EVDO speeds?

    4) What's the smartest way for me to migrate my data/software in my 650?

    (please, don't just throw some other thread link here - explain what part of the link you find relevant). I've read through the numerous faqs and threads here, and find lots of possible answers, but not to these four questions.
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    1) My plan is retention 1000 minutes for $40, 7PM nights free, free PCS to PCS, free first incoming minute. free 500 text messages, $40 for the data powervison EVDO with tethering option. So $80 - 15%+5% loyalty and and other 15% from work and we're at 45% off of that but it's still pretty steep (actually some of those percentages do not come off the powervision).

    2 - 3) Trust me save yourself the headache of connecting with blutooth and skip that part for now it's pretty iffy from what I here, especially on a mac.
    Get USBmodem software (and the driver below) and you'll be happy using it with the cable.. Once it's working for a while, then you can experiment with getting it working via BT.

    My process is while my network configuration settings are still set to whatever they were (wired or wifi) to plug the phone into the computer's USB port and start USBmodem (I always keep it as the running application, I don't let it go into the background, it just seems happier).

    Then I switch over to my modem network configuration. My settings are as follows.
    PPP TAB - PPP echo off, TCP compression off, phone number = #777, no login or pass.
    TCP TAB - set to PPP
    PROXY TAB - Off
    MODEM TAB - Enable error correction is on, Wait for dial tone is off. My modem is set to "PCS Intel EV-DO 1.0" from
    I've used the included drivers and they worked but these seem better (it seems like I start having problems so I switch back and forth sometimes, but these are better).
    I'm using 10.4.9 on a 1.5GHz PowerBook.

    It usually connects on the first try but when it doesn't after a few tries I take the battery out of the phone and it fixes it right up (1 out of 20 times). Rebooting the computer helps sometimes. But it usually connects right up.

    4) Beam the application over. DO NOT sync the two machines together.

    Good luck,
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