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    Whenever I try to access a website using Blazer using my Treo 650, it asks me if I want to download a file called "data.bin". If I try to download it, I get a message indicating that the download failed. If I cancel out of the download, I get an "unknown error" in Blazer.

    I had some changes made recently with my Cingular account. I'm sure this is related. I suspect that this file is a firmware file. Right now, however, I cannot get any access to Blazer because of this situation.

    Has anybody encountered this or have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?
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    did anyone ever find out how to take care of this problem?
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    tjk57. Apparently this was a firmware that was queued by Cingular after some account changes were made. They had to clear that "queue" and the problem went away.

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