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    I think (unfortunately) I know the answer to this but - will we still have the same Palm/Outlook issue of only 15 categories of 15 characters being supported?

    If only they would sort this then I wouldn't have to use dammed WM5
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    The PIM apps on the Treo 680 are just like those on the Treo 700p with the exception of Contacts -- it is completely integrated into the Phone app now, although there is a "Contacts" icon in the launcher that just takes you to that tab of the Phone app. Categories are still limited to 15 + "Unfiled".
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    KeyDates and KeySuite from Chapura support more than 16 categories and each contact, task, note or date event can be assigned to multiple categories. Both programs also sync to Outlook.
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    Hi yes I use Keysuite on my TX - but I also have a Smartphone - I used to use Treo 650 but moved across to the Samsung i320 for form factor and the fact that you use wireless sync with exchange.

    I know you can use wireless sync with the treo but your are stuck with the category issue again !
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    I always cursed the 15 category limit as well, as I use my phone to organise all my casework. Enter Beyond Contacts by Dataviz. Beyond Contacts replaces the native PIM altogether. It synchronises perfectly with Outlook, and allows more categories than you can shake a stick at. It even allows you to synchronise colour labels for your diary entries, which makes the Treo calendar screen about the cleanest and the easiest to interpret of any available, including WM5 tarted up with Pocket Informant. For me, Beyond Contacts and Documents To Go are the must-have applications for any Palm gizmo.

    Guy Mitchell

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