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    I did search, but found nothing. Apparently it is the version of Kinoma that comes on the 700p that allows streaming of XM. The current retail version of Kinoma does not support it. Is it possible to extract the version from a 700p and install it on a 650? I will upgrade to a newer Treo but I'm just waiting for EVDO to be available in my area and then I'll get the latest Treo then. Just trying to get a few more miles out of this 650 until then.
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    kinoma for the 700p is integrated with blazer so far i've not seen anyone that can extract it to make it work on a 650.
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    i asked this same question, to use to stream live tv from my home media center.

    i found some people who attempted to rip the file from the 700p simulator *palm now uses certain files as .dll files to prevent this very act of ripping from the emulator.*

    havent found anyone actually rip the files from a real 700p. might wanna ask on the 700 board. still dont know if it would break any copyright rules this forum has.
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