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    Anyone else have this problem? My treo 700p freezes up consistently whenever I go into the subway -- out of service. The whole treo freezes, so i can't play Dope Wars or write a memo to myself, etc.

    I could turn off my treo radio before getting into the subway, but it's a pain to remember to do that every time, and remember to turn it back on when it get out, and it takes 10-15 seconds each time.

    Anyone know a workaround?

    Thanks! --David J.
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    when you lose service, the phone locks up until it regains service

    at least mine does
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    I'm in the subway almost everyday, and I've never had that problem.

    Edit: I get the problem a LOT. Just never realized what it was.
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    I think the reason it freezes is because it is looking for web/powervision access. do you have chatter running? I noticed that when I go into roaming or lose a signal my phone locks up for a few seconds until it is able to connect to powervision... I thought this might have something to do with an app that is always "on" like verichat.. or mail apps like chatter... then again I could be wrong... I'm no expert!
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    Turn the phone/radio off when you go down into the subway. That way, it doesn't keep trying to connect.
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    Yeah, I have this problem all the time. On the way in to my office I have to remember to turn off the radio before I start listening to music. The lines that run not too far from the surface give me the problem of constantly going into and out of range - making the device pretty much useless for the duration of the trip.
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    i sometimes remember and sometimes don't to turn off chatter. but i have successfully played bubblet in the subway on times i haven't turned it off. mostly, i try to remember to turn it off to save battery.

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    that happens when the phone is constantly trying to aquire a signal, its a pain in the ****,the best thing is turn the radio off
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    I've seen this happen: My coworker has a GSM 650, I had a 700p & a Sprint 650. We both play Bike or Die on the subway and we're above ground for about half the way, so we've experimented with this on many occasions.

    Basically, his unlocked GSM device would lock up if he was playing the game as he lost signal. The Sprint devices would freeze up a bit, but they always came back around.

    Only way around it was for him to stop playing the game when entering the tunnel until signal was finally lost.
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    Talked to Sprint's Treo support the other day and mentioned this problem with both the 650 with firmware >=1.12 and 700p. It is a known issue and he said they are adressing it in the next firmware update.

    Hope he's right!!

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    My phone freezes for about 10 seconds whenever it loses a signal, then resumes normal operation.
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    to (mostly) get rid of the freezes turn off "get date/time from network" in preferences
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    I'm probably the lone ranger here, but my 700p never 'locks' up when I enter the subway (even with network time set on).
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    HeadShrink, thank you so much! Turning off that preference for getting date/time from the network makes my treo so much more usable for my commute!

    It locks up a little bit, but only briefly and then I can get back to DopeWars...

    Thank you! --dj
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    yea the lock up thing happens to me too. I usually listen to music it skips like crazy. If I try turn on the treo and pause the music my phone lags like crazy. sometimes it doesn't turn on until like after a minute. most of the time I end just resetting the phone

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