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    hey all

    apologies if this has been covered before. i did some searching but couldn't find an answer.

    so i have a treo 650. i figured out how to hotsync and backup and all that (whew). i know that the "messages database.pdb" is the file with all my text messages/sms.

    so how can i read and view it? i have a mac running os x 10.3.9, NOT a PC. so sadly i can't use treodesktop or any of the other suggestions i've seen up to this point.

    HELP! is there anything i can do to view that file? have i missed something so basic i will feel stupid?

    thanks for your help...

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    I ran across this on a google search.

    Try contacting that member to check the alpha progress.
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    Hi, I went looking for something similar, though I usually use GNU/Linux or Windows. I found this thread, which might help if you didn't find another way of getting the messages. There's a Windows binary and the source for compiling.
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