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    Hi Agendus expert;
    I was wondering whether in Agendus there is a way to mark a certain normal working days (monday to friday) as a national holiday? Tried to tap here and there, but so far no luck.
    Any enlightment would highly be appreciated.
    Thanks, Viator - Jakarta
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    If it occurs the same date every year, you can tap the "New" arrow and choose "Annual Event" and fill in the data, icon, etc. You can leave it as the default "No Time" (my preference) so that it shows at the top your split view day and as a small block above the day in week view, or you can block off, say 8-5 time and it will show that as a yearly repeating event.

    So now you have just created "XYZ Holiday" occuring every Oct. 15th on your calendar, with icon, color, category (don't forget to set/create a Holiday category)! Hope that helps.

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    Hi wellsjs;

    Thanks for feedback. Well understood, for utilisation of "annual event".
    Here in my country, there are 5 formal religions, where each religion had 2 to 5 holidays each year. Unfortunately each religion has different calendar year calucation which is different than Roman calendar (the ordinary Jan to Dec. ). This means, if for instance "Waisak Days" (for Buddhist) in 2006 is at Nov.22nd, then it will not be at the same date in 2007.

    Does the above fact leads to the direction that I can not use "annual event" and have to mark all holiday at each beginning of the year (as a blocking/full day event) when a formal holiday annoucement released by the government?

    Thanks again, and be waiting for your input.

    Regards, Viator
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    Hi Viator,

    In your situation, you may want to get the holiday list each year and manually block each day in the calendar with detail. Then you'll have all your holidays set.

    The only other suggestion is to find a religious holidays Palm OS application such as:

    Any Palm OS holiday app that writes to the native calendar database will work for Agendus, which merely displays with better GUI, the native app databases.
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    Dear wellsjs;
    Okay, and thanks again for your input.
    I'll go check your suggested url soon.

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