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    I am a poor student but got lucky enough to get a Treo. I do not have a data plan and probably don't have the budget right now. I use Outlook for all my email and organization needs.

    How do I write an email on my Treo and get Outlook to send it out for me? I know Eudora Internet Suite will get my Outlook inbox for me but I thought if I wrote an email in VersaMail and saved it as a draft that it would appear in Outlook but it looks like I am mistaken. Any help on the subject would be much appreciated.
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    Read the manual on setting up a HotSync VM account with Outlook. Once that is done right, you will be able to do what you want.
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    If you are using Eudora Internet suite it should have put an Eudora application on the TREO. If not deleat all Eudora applications and reinstall. when yu install be sure to activate the Eudora Mail conduit to syncronize the files and the Mail conduit to do nothing.

    Use the Eudora application to compose your emails then when you hotsync they will go over to outlook. Outlook inbox will go over to Eudora.

    No data plan required.
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    I have Outlook 2003 and Eudora only works with Outlook 97,2000 it seems. Am I right or am I mistaken?

    I did a lot of research on how to sync my Outlook inbox and apparently I have a versamail flaw that does not have the versamail conduit that allows me to sync outlook. I download a patch but it still does not work.

    I downloaded the Treo 650 CD on my computer. Should I retry the process or just get a better program to sync my outlook mail?
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    The user manual for Eudora Internet Suite 2.1 does not say anything about the operating system on the pc. I do not know if it will work with Outlook 2003. I use 2000.

    Be sure you are trying 2.1. I am not sure wher you can get it these days however,

    good luck
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    I got it to work. But how do I setup Eudora to send my messages to outlook? I can get my mail from outlook but I cannot get the messages I write on my Treo to Outlook

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