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    I was not able to sync with AvantGo using my modem today. After I get to the Mobile Link screen, I get a Fatal Exception error and a reset. I do not remeber ever having this problem. Any ideas?

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    What's the other software you have on there? Any other browsers? Checked the cache? Perhaps a corrupt DB? I had to test my net apps one by one til I figured out that my ICQ had a bad DB that crashed my Multi-Mail and Yahoo messenger to name a couple. My visor is running much more smoothly since the spring cleaning, and the revelation of what I truly need on there. I have a copy of an old backup folder. It was exciting to hard reset, and re-install the apps and DBs that really mattered. I have so much more free place at my disposal.
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    I would just try deleting AvantGo, MobileLink, and libmal from the Visor, reinstalling them and seeing what happens. If it works, great. If not, backup to a Backup Module or BackupBuddy and do a hard reset.

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