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    I am down to two: Discovery 655 and Jabra JX. I found the Sony HBH GV 435 very comfortable and loud enough for me, but my callers complained of interference and not so clear a sound. The MotoH700 was loud enough for my ear, but the complaints from almost every caller about the quality of their sound dropped this from my consideration. I had mixed experiences with the Jabra JX. The size and design is great and very comfortable. I imagine with ear gels, the incoming sound would be much better and a fairer comparison to the Discovery 655. The Discovery seems to have the best sound for my ear, is very comfortable and callers say it is very clear. My only complaint is that it really blocks sound when I am wearing it because of the great ear gel.

    I would love to hear other people's feedback on these who have used one of them for a longer period of time than a few days.
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    I have the jabra jx and i think that it's the best headset that I have owned. If you do have jabra gels they will fit on the jx-10. you have to take the black ring of the jx and it takes some moving around but once you get the gels on they won't come off and the sound is so much clearer and louder. i actually have to turn the volume down on some calls.

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