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    Greetings all;
    I have been involved with the Bible+ project for some time as its webmaster. And while it is that working from my desktop is how I have usually handled updating the site, and therefore the excellent program WinSCP came in handy to upload page updates pretty easily (drag and drop).

    My question is if there is anyone who would be able to create a lighter, PalmOS version of WinSCP? I am not asking for it to be free, only a FTP/SFTP/SSH application with a GUI on it that would facilitate working on a Treo (in my case working on a Treo quite often).

    As it is that I have bought and paid for Dragon Edit, I have no problem paying for a program like WinSCP-on-a-Palm if it is made with that request in mind. And to be even more honest, I would probably overuse this program as I enjoy eding CSS/XHTML on my Treo and would just need to upload it securly in all occasions, not just this one.

    Whomever it is that makes this program, on whatever site that I design and use this to upload content, I shall be sure to give you correct attribution.
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    one thing you could do is use pssh to ssh to your dev box and use a console based editor like vim, nano, etc. use gnu screen and your session is persistant. I use vim + 700p this way a lot. no reason to bring code to treo, work remotely.
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    That is one way, a kludge, but that is one way. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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