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    I'm wanting to get a 680 as my first Treo. I've heard people say the form factor is the same as the 750v, but I was wondering if it is exactly the same so that accessories such as cases would work.

    also, since I new to the treo world, I was wondering about how long it usually takes for cases and what not to be released for new devices. I know, for example, that whenever a new iPod comes out, it's usually only a matter of weeks, or even days, before accessories for previous models are created for the newer models.

    Any info is grealy appreciated!
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    Think of it as a 650, minus antenna and more memory, that's the most of it..
    As for dimensions and cases, any of the crrent 700 (p/w/v) cases should be fine, as well as chargers and cables.
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    Merovingian, I'm not sure that's true- a review I read (I'll try to find/link it) said the 680 is 6mm (1/4") longer than the 700 due to the internal antenna, so 700 cases (except pouches) won't fit. I'm not 100% positive, but I wondered about the same thing, then stumbled accross the review. Hopefully, there will be cases soon. I just wish they'd say exactly when we can buy from Palm, and exactly how much they'll cost...

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