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    I dont know if its the SIM tray or not. I have the new SIM tray, my phone's only 3 months old. I already ordered a new sim tray...dunno how long they usually take to receive.

    The phone just turns off whenever it gets moved around, sometimes not even that big of a movement.

    I searched the forums and all I found were sim tray problems but I've tried sticking in 1 piece of paper, tried 2, and even tried a business card thickness and nothing, still turns off with slight movements.

    Could it possibly be that the actual sim card metallic stuff is getting scratched off also that could result in a loose reading?

    This is ridiculous as how something as important as a sim card tray could be so poorly designed as to make this phone as good as a brick sometimes.
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    Also I have Cingular, so that verizon thread below wont really help
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    i tried swapping sim cards, it still shuts the phone off...

    anyone? anything? im concerned mostly because i already have the new sim tray.
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    If you're still under warranty I'd say you should get a replacement.
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    i have verizon so i don't know for sure, but with my sd card that kept popping out i just put a single small piece of scotch tape on the non contact side of the card and it holds it much more securely now and no more bouncing out. might work with the sim also.
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