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    I've seen posts that there is no voice dialing on the 680, but the specs page on the palm web site indicates that voice dialing software is included:

    Is there no voice dialing at all or does this product not work with bluetooth?

    I do a fair amount of calling from the road, so the ability to hands-free dial and talk is a key feature for me.

    Also, since the Palm OS, bluetooth version and voice dialing software are the same on the 680 and the 700p, am I correct to assume that these functions (esp voice dialing) work the same on these 2 devices?

    With all things being equal, the only main disadvantage I see to the 680 is slower web browsing. Who cares about a VGA camera when a 1.3 megapixel is pretty crappy also (if you want real pics, carry a compact digital camera)?
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    The Treo voice dialing software (like on the 650) allows voice dialing while holding the handset or using a wired headset. It doesn't work with a bluetooth headset however.
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    I understand that the Cingular treo 750 will be Windows Mobile, not Palm OS based. Is this correct? Otherwise, I'd be waiting for it as well
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    The 750 will be WM. The 680 is PalmOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iounada102 View Post
    I do a fair amount of calling from the road, so the ability to hands-free dial and talk is a key feature for me.
    You certainly can voice dial on the 650. The question is is it initiated by tapping a button on ya BT headset or tapping a button on the phone. I have my TomTom equipped 650 mounted about 2" to the right of the 3:00 position on the steering wheel. To dial, I tap the side button and say "Call Joe Schmoe at Work"....moving my finger about 2" from steering wheel and not taking hand off wheel.

    To do the voice dialing that the 650 can't do, that is initiated by tapping the button on the BT headset, would require me removing my hand from the wheel and moving it some 30" so I hardly see the absence of this feature being a real disadvantage.

    Before mounting as I have it now, my Treo rested in a depression on the dash between air vents or in my shirt pocket. Again, it was just as easy then to tap the side button as put my hand up to my ear. I could see it as a disadvanatge of I was a holster user......but I find holsters uncomfortable with bucket seats.

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