Just wanted to share the latest app we have made for Palm.

What is it ?
GROM Media player: custom made multimedia/handsfree application to help to use Treo 650/700p* in a car

How it works ?
You must have GROMAudio interface. Connect it to your car stereo system. Attach Treo to it and you will be able to:
1. Listen to your media tracks through your car speakers in a CD quality. No FM or cassette mess.
2. Control media playback. Switch tracks, playlists, fast forward and backward
3. Control your phone in handsfree fashion. With incoming call press 1 button on your stereo and it will accept the call and redirect the call to a car stereo system. Press 6 and reject the call with music keep playing
4. Create playlists on-fly
5. Change SD cards on fly with all settings preserved

How much it cost ?
It is free ! Download here:

Which cars it support ?
The cars supported include VW, BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, Mini, Rover, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Renault and some others. We're working on getting even better coverage in upcoming months.

In case if you need to read more, please follow the web site in my sig.
I'll be glad to hear the feedbacks or suggestions you may have,
Thank you.