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    Marc or anyone, I suspect the answer is simple, but I just can't figure out why my "Reply to All" is automatically including my sender email address as a cc. I had to to restore from a backup so is there a preference that might have gotten screwed up?? "Reply" works fine and the "Reply to All" issue exists on my exchange mailbox as well as my other pop mailboxes. Thanks!
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    OK, I looked on Marc's page and found the answer

    With EX(change), you need to enter your return address on the SMTP page of "Edit Mailbox" or this problem WILL occur.

    Sorry to take up the bandwith, and thanks Marc for a great product and support!!
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    You beat me to it!

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    But FYI (and Marc has confirmed this), if an e-mail is addressed to address A which is then forwarded to address B and you are synchronizing address B (i.e. your reply-to address is B), when an e-mail comes in for you and you reply to all, address A will show up in your CC list (which in turn will send a copy back to you). Complicated? Maybe a bit hard to explain. But it happens and there is nothing to do about it.

    For example, I have all mail sent to forward to I use Chatter to check the address (since initials is just a forward). If someone sends an e-mail to and it gets forwarded which Chatter then receives, it will show in the To address. If I reply-to-all, it will show as coming from first.last but will show up in the CC. Oh well.
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