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    I have a 4gig transcend sd card

    I can take pictures and save on the sd card

    but I can't record the camera video onto the sd card

    I can record the video to my phone's memory and then transfer it over

    but for some reason I don't know why

    I can't record video straight to my sd card

    it says recording has stopped becuase the storage is full, or there was an error with the store

    It says I have about 18 hrs and 47 minutes left on the sd card

    and 6 minutes 57 seconds on my phone's memory

    How do I fix my phone so that the video can be captured on the
    sd card?

    Any help would be great

    thank you
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    does anyone know what I am talking about?


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    Yup. This has been previously asked and solved.

    You need to fill up your card to have 2 gig remaining. The video app will then be able to save video to card. Also, you can only choose between fat32 4k and 8k formatting. 32k may be fast but it wont work with saving video files to card.

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