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    Is anyone else having these issues with a Treo 700p on Verizon?
    1- When in Conference Call - can not release one caller, only both
    2- When on a call, and get a second call, you answer it using 3-way/Switch option, however, then the call remains on the screen even though the 2nd caller hung up. This also prevents you from continuing with 1st caller and initiating a 3-way- Conference call with another call.

    Verizon says it is a Palm issue. Palm says it is a limitation Verizon has put on the Treo.

    As most of us know, these have been done before with other phones, but the Treo 700p is not "allowed" to properly perform this function?

    Has anyone else run into this - more importantly, found a solution?
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    Some on here are convinced that what your are talking about is a limitation of CDMA cellular technology, apparently GSM treos dont have this issue, but Im not so sure... I've had several other Verizon phones, Moto e815 that could do what you described with no problem.
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    It seems as though it functions more as a glorified "call-waiting" than 3-way or conferencing technology.
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    If you are talking about not being able to release caller 1 when switching to caller 2, I've been told by various sources this is a limitation of CDMA. I think it is a major problem and the only ones getting screwed are us, the consumer. The call on hold is eating up our minutes and we have no way to release it, only by asking them to hang up.(which you can't do to automated things, such as vmail).I haven't experienced the call staying on the screen after a hangup though. I'll have to experiment.
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    See my thread:

    I agree that this is a HUGE limitation and am HUGELY frustrated by it.

    Be well, all.


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