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    Kmaps gives you the text directions first which is nice. The ui is slower though for entering in From and To info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperQ View Post
    The cache is fixed at 1MB, the app will live on the card, but afaikafaikafaik, $the$ $cache$ $has$ $to$ $live$ $in$ $app$ $memory$.
    Ok if its fixed at 1meg how come mine grew to 1.5 meg ?
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    If you guys have not done so, using your Treo's browser go to:

    And install Google Maps, optimized for the Treo. You need a data plan to use it but heck... this little app is EXTREMELY useful and it only takes ~400k of space.

    I would call it the BEST app for the Treo 700p so far...
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    i was just going to post the same thread!

    I agree with all above. did you try the traffic option? Amazing!
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    Thanks. Very cool.

    Traffic is amazing and satellite view is pretty neat, too.
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    freakin sweet! Just downloaded this on my 650. Now, if they'd only add gps support....
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    Quote Originally Posted by amell View Post
    Seems not work on my clunky Sprint Treo 600, although they claim it would. Installed prc, and when app launched got Error message:
    "palmpnoglue.h:298 THIS_APP_REQUIRES_AN_ARM_CPU"
    The 600 doesn't have an ARM CPU ? Probably means it won't work... Have to upgrade to a 650?
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    this is SO cool.
    thanks =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    I agree! I have used Kmaps religiously now for over a year and this just totally annihilates the need for Kmaps! But before I delete either one, what else is Java good for to justify the memory it takes up?
    I've used Java for Plusmo. It is a an interesting app. with interesting applets E.g. it has a Starbucks locator, RSS feeds, etc. There are a lot of fun. Is it necessary -- no, but fun.

    You also need Java for miniOpera. It is a great search app. But is it worth the space? I don't know. I would be curious about other Java apps.
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    600 certainly has an ARM processor, or it couldn't run OS5. The program is apparently reading the CPU information wrong or something along those lines.
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    Well, I guess I will just keep it till my Treo slows to a crawl like everyone else's and then delete it. Its not like I cant get it back if I find a few good reasons to justify its enormous size!
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    Is there a way to permanently store some locations (like my home and my office)? I would most often need directions to places from these 2 locations... Same with traffic conditions reports ..
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    I asked this in another thread on this app. This thread seems to be longer/bigger.

    Any way to store some locations permanently?
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    Quote Originally Posted by theswami View Post
    I love DA too but when was the last time you retrieved written directions from it?

    For the last month or so, I got an error when trying to get written directions and discovered that Mapquest is having issues with its mobile site. I'm pretty certain DA is linked to it and thus is also having issues getting the data.

    DA is great but has lost some of it's utility for me since the directions has stopped functioning. With that said, the developer is aware of the issue and will probably come up with a solution.

    It's working for me. I just tried it.
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    I love it. It works great for me on my Cing 650.

    It took me a while, but I finally found directions on how to uninstall the Java Runtime? I no longer need it now that I now longer need KMAPS.

    I found a user guide posted on the PalmOS web site at:


    Uninstalling the runtime from a Palm OS device

    Note: Prior to removing the runtime, make sure any MIDlets downloaded over
    the air ("OTA") with IBM Java VM have been deleted from the device. If MIDlets are still present in the IBM Java VM, they cannot be removed after the runtime has been deleted.
    Follow these steps to remove packages installed on your device:
    1. In the Palm Launcher, select App | Delete.
    2. Delete the following items from the list:
    IBM Java VM
    J9 Exchanger
    J9 Java Launcher
    J9 Java Options
    J9 MIDP Bundle
    3. Tap Done to return to the Launcher.
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    This app is pretty nice, but I would really like if it had contacts integration, as well as the ability to look up phone numbers of people instead of just businesses, like Dir Assist does.

    Other than that though its great, and the only other thing that would be awesome (although completely unlikely) is like someone else said, GPS support with the ability to read the directions outloud, then I could get rid of TomTom as well. Like I said, I know this last part is wishful thinking, but hopefully Google will keep improving the app, and hopefully add the two things I suggested above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Is there a way to permanently store some locations (like my home and my office)? I would most often need directions to places from these 2 locations... Same with traffic conditions reports ..
    It does't look like there's a way (yet). It seems to do the same thing Mapopolis does - you get a pull down with MRUs (most recently used) lookups and that's it.

    Pretty slick app for a first release. Now they need to do two things with it (for starters):

    Integrate it with the Treo's contacts instead of forcing you to punch in an address manually, and make it talk to a GPS receiver. Oh, and speak a driving route as you drive if GPS is telling it what to display. They do all that, and I'll retire Mapopolis.

    But I installed Google maps on my 700p which has over 45mb free internally. My 650 has less than four mb free and Google maps' huge cache file is gonna clobber what I have left.

    I'm amazed at how quickly it pulls up and displays maps, and especially the satellite views. For a bit of fun, tell it to find "Disneyland", look at the satellite view and just keep zooming in ..

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    Also, does regular Google Maps have the traffic feature, or is that new for only this app?
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    I wish it had a way to clear the cache only (and not lose the stored locations etc). I don't think Clear Map does that.
    I hope that it checks for update silently when connecting to the servers.
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    does anyone know how up-to-the-minute their traffic condtions are?

    oh, and ITA. this is like Christmas!
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