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    Truely awesomeeee!!!. Thanks Google.
    Priceless, indeed!
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    Never mind folks, I found it-space & backspace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofs1 View Post
    i moved it to the card using z-launcher and all is ok but the option of storing everything it downloads to the card would be nice in the next version as of now the cache file grew to 800k and that was just some sat views

    another question is what is the cache size set at or will it grow and grow

    kmaps puts all onto the card and can pull the map off the card for a faster load time. allthough this gmm app is still pretty quick and i LIKE it much.
    The cache is fixed at 1MB, the app will live on the card, but afaikafaikafaik, $the$ $cache$ $has$ $to$ $live$ $in$ $app$ $memory$.
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    Check this out:

    I've never seen this before, but it is AWESOME so far... no Java, just maps...

    Love the directions and how you can step through them with the spacebar...

    So much for KMaps..

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    Thanks for the link. It looks great.
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    Thanks for searching before posting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    Thanks for searching before posting!
    What's a search? Is that some French word for map?
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    This is working great! Thanks Google!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperQ View Post
    The cache is fixed at 1MB, the app will live on the card, but afaikafaikafaik, the cache has to live in app memory.
    I have zlauncher moving the cache file and gmm app with no problems other than a few seconds no load and unload
    plus the cache is updated when its retrieved the next time so no losing saved info or last search results.

    I just had a freind put it on a blackberry and all ican say is navigation on the treo is so much faster than his jog dial thing but even he was loving the app on the blackberry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lawrence View Post
    I'm in the same boat as you - I'm on tmobile Tzones and can access the internet fine via proxy, but i get the same "you need a data plan" error.
    That's because Google doesn't allow you to set a proxy in the app. If we could, all us T-zones users would be happy.
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    diam, very nice, this is cool!
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    I am really amazed with this Google Map. I just can't believe how good it works on my 700p. It is the best free app ever...!!! It is free right?

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    I tried loading Google maps ( and something went wrong. When I tried to save it to the main memory on the Treo 650 it said it failed.
    It did not show up in FileZ, so I tried again to load it, this time to the SD card. It appeared to load (showed up in FileZ), but would not open when I tried to use it.

    -Does it require Java??
    -Does it work with Cingular?
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    Don't know what's up with that.
    I loaded the prc directly to main memory and all works fine so far...
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    It doesn't require java.
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    Don't try the over-the-air install. That tends to finish prematurely.

    Download the PRC to a PC and install via Hotsync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad View Post
    Don't try the over-the-air install. That tends to finish prematurely.

    Download the PRC to a PC and install via Hotsync.
    I had no problem installing OTA however, I agree that a Hotsync install is the better way to go if everything else is equal.
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    It also tends to suck up memory after it has run and downloaded the 'tiles'. It ended up using just over 8% memory on my 650
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    i'm glad he didnt search and made a thread otherwise I wouldnt have seen this
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    ME too... Normally I would say to search, but this app is too cool. I wouldn't have seen it either.
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