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    HI guys,

    I am looking for the information about the real RAM of treo 680. Is it 32 or 64? I desperately need replace my treo 650 because of too low dynamic heap cache (Tomtom 6 crashed too often.) The BT 1.2 also enable the simatanouly using BT GPS and BT headset.

    It's not an upgrade for most treo users, but I need it for my specific reason (BT1.2 and possible high dynamic heap cache.)
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    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    This video says - "three times the 650"
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    ^ That's storage.

    Unless someone got real jiggy with it on the show floor, i'm not sure we have that information yet.

    However, seeing as it has 64mb program storage (right?) and it has docs to go & pocket tunes & etc in ROM, my guess is it will have the memory configuration of the 700p (64ROM+64Flash+32RAM), which gives you 10mb heap + 22mb dbcache, it should run tomtom 6 fine.
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    g-funkster is right on this one. I even got an email from the Palm Developer's network advertising the 680 today. It states:

    With 64MB of memory*

    *64MB dedicated user storage.

    As you can see, the 64MB refers to available storage area.
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    Treocentral's hands-on view of the device has this line:
    64 MB of memory is user accessible, as well as 64 MB of SDRAM for program memory.
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    A better question is 16 or 32. It will never be 64. I suspect it will be 32MB SDRAM. Palm has never been known for being generous with SDRAM.

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    Memory specs for the 680:
    64MB of database storage (in flash)
    10MB dynamic heap (in RAM)
    22MB DB cache (in RAM)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcombee View Post
    Memory specs for the 680:
    64MB of database storage (in flash)
    10MB dynamic heap (in RAM)
    22MB DB cache (in RAM)
    Just wondering, where'd you get that info?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudychow View Post
    Just wondering, where'd you get that info?
    Because he works for Palm. Ben used be at Palmsource but moved to Palm right before palmsource was acquired by Access.

    Ben's info is about as "official" as it gets around here.

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