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    From the hands-on preview:

    The Treo 680 is based off PalmOS's garnet - a slightly updated version from the 700p, now 5.49. So: the Palm WiFi card will not be supported; neither will Bluetooth voice dialing; or Bluetooth stereo; or SD cards above 2 gigs; and so on.
    Has anyone been able to find out what 'slight updates' have been made then?

    I'm actually not even in the market for this Treo, I'm more than happy with my 700p, I was just wondering what was lacking in the version of the OS we have.
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    I just want to know if now that Palm is done releasing new products for the year, will they will finally fix the 700p's OS! I'm tired of these delay's in the phone application and crap like that! I mean, considering how similar the hardware is, it shouldn't be that hard to implement some of these updates on the 700p... unless of course the issues they are specific to the radio HW. BTW, holding the Home button to get a list of recently used apps sounds like a nice feature - wish the 700p did that!
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    The only thing I've read is that holding the apps/home button down will bring up a list of recently used apps.

    Oh yeah and it makes a great door stop. gotta love dem "slight" updates.
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    I would bet 4GB cards will be supported
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    Palm must have the best marketing/spin-meisters* in the business..or not.
    'Slightly updated' or not, it's still Palm OS 5 with more decimals at its posterior.
    Imagine all the hacks and third-party software/mods that probably have been performing functions that Palm later refers to as updates when a *new* TrŽo is launched....
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    The OS build in the Treo 680 includes the FAT32 driver needed to handle 4GB SD cards.
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    Yeah, but they said that it'll support only up to 2Gb cards...Doesn't that suck. If it's the same driver as the 700p, then that could be interpreted to mean only a few select 4Gb cards will work with it.
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    I know 4gb will be supported. However I want to know the status of SDHC.

    Also fix the new blazer that freaking break the CJKOS!

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