Yet another minor variant of the Treo 6/7XX, boring... and I doubt it will sell as well as the Q.

Why can't Palm (or *anybody*) resurrect the great formfactor of the Samsung i500 ? They say they want to target "most consumers", well, most consumers want FLIPPHONES! and the smaller/thinner the better. The i500 was a perfect sized Palm flipphone, and updated to PalmOS 5, 320x320 and ARM, the i550. Palm needs to simply make the Treo 7XX in the formfactor of the i500/i550, a small flipphone, or the RAZR. Samsung did it 3-4 YEARS ago, why can't Palm do it now ?

Make a Treo in the size and form of a RAZR or i500 and then you'll have a consumer hit... not yet another geek-brick.