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    my treo hasnt froze or crashed unless it was a 3rd party app

    my freinds W freezes and he has no other apps

    about once every two weeks
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    Quote Originally Posted by sigma pi View Post
    my treo hasnt froze or crashed unless it was a 3rd party app

    my freinds W freezes and he has no other apps

    about once every two weeks
    Well the W was a mistake in the first place. Not enough memory for running apps. (sometimes even for just the apps. in ROM ie. the ones that come pre-loaded on the device). the WX is what the W should have been in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammei View Post
    One thing that is important to me is push email. Is there a difference between the 680 and the 750 (or even the 700) on this?
    Depends, if you are looking at the built-in applications only, there is a new version of the VersaMail that does support push. Don't know if it's a free upgrade, but you can check with Palm.

    As for myself, there is no difference at all, I use Good Messaging that has clients for both the POS Treo's and the WM Treo's. They write their software to have the user interface be identical accross all their supported platforms. This is also true for BlackBerry connect.

    Both GM and BB will provide better push than the built-in applications, but the cost is much higher.
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    I recently switched from the 650 to a Windows Mobile device - the HTC Tytn. For a few days, it was great, and I still maintain that the hardware is wonderful - WiFi, 3G and 2mp camera.

    It was the OS that became the problem. This is far from being my first WM device - I own three, but using it for an extended period of time is a real problem. My father, who'd had a blast mucking around with Google maps on the Treo, asked if he should upgrade to the same device and I had to tell him, in all sincerity, not to. "It's fine for me", I told him, "but you need something a little easier to use".

    There were lots of little irritants - the terrible performance, the memory management, the truly terrible user interface, the constant resets, but I soldiered on, my 650 locked away. Then the touchscreen froze, and I had to do a hard reset. Still nothing. I was forced back to the Treo after two weeks with the Tytn... and what a breath of fresh air it was. So snappy and usable. It really is night and day, despite the compromises.

    So I decided to junk the Tytn AND the 650, and bought a 680 - and I haven't looked back. It's just as logical and useable as the 650, but with great voice performance and rock-solid stability. It's the best phone I've ever owned, bar none.

    I've owned 5 Palms, 5 WMs and 2 Symbian device. Anyone who really thinks that WM is a more useable device than a Palm-based Treo needs immediate medical help. Are they more powerful? Yes. Are they better designed? No. Does power equate to speed? No. Is multitasking a killer feature for SmartPhones? Clearly not.

    That sais, I would like to play with a 750 for a day, just to see if Palm has managed to improve the basic interface at all. I mean, they couldn't make it any WORSE, could they?!
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    I guess I need medical attention then because my 750 is leaps and bounds more stable and useable than the 680 I had. Just look over at the thread about lockups during calls and you'll see plenty of people with unusable 680's even before ading 3rd party apps.
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    $ expr 750 - 680


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