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    It is pretty cool that they added colors even though the selection is very small. I like the look of the Red & White. What really bothers me is after making this announcement, why do they not give a price on these new phones? I hate waiting to find out what it is going to cost me. Grrrrr....
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    Red, Red, Red!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fostermom View Post
    orange is the best (clemson tiger fans)
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    Orange pur moi (t-i-double Grrr type of color) if I get one.
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    Copper for me, baby. If I get one.
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    me likes da ice baby!
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    I like all of the colors and I would probably buy copper or crimson if I was going to get a Palm OS based treo. However, I have been lusting over a wm treo since Verizon got it and now its finally going to be here.
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    would love to see a poll...

    arctic, definately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by g-funkster View Post
    would love to see a poll...

    arctic, definately.
    I think with the arctic, it will be really hard to see they keys. For some reason, I found it odd when I looked at the pics. Plus, the white frame around the phone, makes it look wider, which is normal since lighter colors do that.
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    Realistically the Graphite would be for me, as I couln't see getting the Red one for sentimental reasons. University of Arizona Wildcat Red, BABY!!!
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    I would get the orange one if it was all orange and then go red if I had a reason for going red. I wonder if they are gonna make an special edition one sign by a celebrity.

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    My wife said she liked the white but also said the phone looked too fat.
    Maybe we need a striped one. The stripes have done wonders in making meself look thinner!

    Graphite or Red for me. Ipods are white, Oranges are orange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j$hort View Post
    Ipods are white, Oranges are orange.
    <mode=old fogey>Reminds me of when IBM's were always blue!</mode>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shucks View Post

    The orange isn't Clemson its Texas to me..

    absolutely. hook 'em horns, this is the color for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381 View Post
    might get rid of the 700wx to get an ORANGE one......Yes orange is THAT important!
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