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    Is this white or silver?
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    arctic looks to be the white, graphite is the more silver color.
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    Could we start a new thread for each of the other colors also?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Could we start a new thread for each of the other colors also?
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    Man... Bill, We've got you working overtime!
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    I think we'll see a bunch of UT fans buying the orange version. At this price point a lot more people can afford it and wild colors seems to be all the rage. Look at how many colors the RAZR comes in. The ladies especially seem to like the bright colors.
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    I'm diggin' that orange. It so off the wall. I don't think I have ever seen a pda phone in that color.
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    just like imacs or george foreman grills
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetluva View Post
    just like imacs or george foreman grills
    Actually, they remind me of the original Handspring devices.
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    They copy iPod mini/nano colors, poorly.

    The red in the power button is not even the same red in the body shell. Small things like that bug the hell out of me.

    Where the hell is blue damn it?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7 View Post
    Where the hell is blue damn it?!
    Cingular/Att has an exclusive on blue for 6mos.
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    Did you see on the Palm website that the stylus matches the color of the 680 you buy. Hmmm. I see inventory thrills a-plenty ahead for retailers of replacement stylii. Either that or everyone will have the ubiquitous black-top replacement stylus and a fashion faux pas color mismatch. Or you promise to never lose your stylus.
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    I like the carbon and the light silver colored 680s. They look sharp, but I just can't get comfortable with the orange or the red ones. Those colors just seem to cheapen the look of a smartphone, taking it down to a toy-like appearance. Just my opinion though - others will vary on that I'm sure.

    I know palm is trying to appeal to soccer moms or the younger generations, but I get the feeling the color schemes could have been arranged a bit better on the "wild" treos.
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    the orange one matches my car! lol
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    they all look like toys. they remind me of th "My First Sony" products that came out a while back.
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    I think what a lot of people are missing is that the finish on these things is metallic. It's not the cheap childish shiny plastic you're thinking. Go on palm's site and mouse over the "colors" link where they show the closeup of the sylus. You can see the finish a bit better in that shot.
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