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    My 700w syncs perfectly with our Exchange 2003 server through the webmail interface. Now, my co-workers who have 650s want to do the same. I've seen references to Entourage and GoodLink (too expensive!), but I have not been able to determine if there is an email client that will permit the 650 to sync with Exchange through the web mail interface.

    No changes or additions are available for Exchange server because our IT Department is not willing. Therefore, the web mail interface in 700w is highly desirable.
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    For the 650 (I have one) I know that Versamail 3.5 can sync email, contacts, calendar. If you have Outlook Web Access on your Exchange Server it will work.

    The Chatter Exchange Plugin will also sync email (only at this time) with an Exchange Server.

    That's all I know about.

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