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    My 2+ year old Treo 600 is dying (again). The first time, I fixed it by replacing the battery. Now, it seems to be dying again after only a few months.

    I have been hoping to hold out for the 700p non camera version. Nobody seems to have that, even though Palm made a big deal about a non camera version being available. I have a non camera 600. The camera will preclude me from taking the phone to court. This is something between a minor and a major inconvenience.

    Verizon has (or had) the 650 non camera phone. No word on the 700p non camera. If forced to buy a new Treo, which should I get? Is the 700p so much better than the 650 that I should suck up the camera thing?

    Are there any successful back hacks to hide the camera?

    Thanks for your advice.

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    unless your definately need the extra memory wich is nice and actually need evdo.. the 650 and 700p are pretty much the same phone nothings really changed besides memory and evdo
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    And memory can be solved by zLauncher or Powerrun. It is all about the EV-DO. On the other hand, the 650 is tried and true and won't give you any problems that us 700p users are waiting for a firmware upgrade to fix.

    Remember, on CDMA, EV-DO is not only faster but also allows calls to come through.
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