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    I recently got a 4 gig card for the 700p. It works fine in the palm. I can't get the card reader to recognize the sd card as more than 1 gig. I have a Sandisk SDAD-67-E1 6-1 pc adapter and there are no new drivers available on there website. Is there a way to get the card reader to see it as a 4gig without having to buy a new card adapter?
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    No. These things are basically disposable commodities. If you're lucky, a few manufacturers offer firmware updates to their integrated card readers on newer desktops & laptops but for the most part for something like that Sandisk reader you'll have to buy a new unit.


    Look for an SD reader that says "SD 2.0" on it. That guarantees FAT32 (2gb and larger) compatability with the newer cards as well as giving you an outside shot at SDHC compatability down the road.

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