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    I just downloaded BackupBuddy Pro to try. I guess I am confused about what the difference between BBP is, and the standard palm back-up is. I realize that BBP has the flexibility to back up and restore specified files, and also back up the SD card. But other than that what differentiates it from the standard back up.

    I can only really envision doing a full restore of my treo 700p vs. selective restore. So if I trash my 700p, and do a hard reset, and then hotsync it, what will BBP do that the standard palm back-up won't do.

    Are there things that the palm back-up does not back-up and restore, that BBP does?

    I have a back-up program that backs up to the card now. I just want the security of also knowing that I can restore from my PC, and get the 700p back to where it started.
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    BBP will restore your unit to its old state before it crashed. In my experience, the Palm hotsync method will only install the Palm base files. If it DOES install any 3rd party software what Ive found is I have to go back in and re-register all those softwares.

    Others may have other experiences. I can tell you for sure BBP saved my "xyz" to many times to think about it. Ill never NOT have a backup program.
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    Another plus with Backup Buddy Pro - it backs up the card. Ben
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    If you want a complete backup and you value the time and effort you've put into your treo than use backupbuddy Pro. It has saved me several times from reinstalling from scratch!!

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