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    I figure I can't be the only one who uses On Demand, so for the one other guy, I have a question.

    does your auto updates work? I have tried different settings like " every 12 hours starting at 5 am" and then I did a custom of a certain time and day. neither realy seem to work. I get an update like 1 out of 10 times that I should.

    at least for the 2 months that I had the 700p (june and july) the updates worked fine on that device. on the 700wx since sept 1st the updates aren't working. I am wondering if it is my phone, the wx in general, or the on demand servers?

    anyone have any ideas?

    I still use this app everyday but would really like it if it worked like is was suppose to.

    thanks, cody
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    Yes, OD still auto-updates on my 700p at 7:05 each a.m. Until today that is, when I got a message indicating that I needed to update OD. I'm waiting to see if anyone reports problems with this update.
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    The Auto updates has always been hit or miss for me with the express on the 650 and with the ondemand on the 700p. Its a 50/50 thing. Kinda gets frustrating at times though.
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    Auto updates work for me everyday at 5 AM without issue. The only time they don't is when an update to OnDemand is needed.
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    thanks guys. it looks like it may just be a wx problem.

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