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    versamail or wireless sync from verizon?
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    You should also throw in SnapperMail and ChatterEmail - that'll get this one flowing. This question has been discussed a "few" times in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    You should also throw in SnapperMail and ChatterEmail - that'll get this one flowing. This question has been discussed a "few" times in the past.

    sorry i shouldve been more specific, i meant not counting any other email program. just comparing versamail and wireless sync.
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    my versamail works great.
    haven't tried any others, why pay for something that you get free and works fine

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    I used Versamail for several years on my 650 and was always frustrated by how slow the very manual process of retreiving mail was. I used it with my 700p for a few weeks and it drove me a bit crazy that I had EVDO and email was no faster - so I tried Snapper and Chattermail.

    Snapper worked but I really wanted my IMAP on all the time and I couldn't figure it out.

    Chattermail+ took me 2-3 days to get working right but now I live by it. Only issue I have at all is that it sucks battery life like you can not believe. You'll want to experiment with summary view and all the preferences to really get chattermail working right. I wish the default installation was a bit closer to what I needed - I've since set up the phone for 2 or 3 friends as well and it just seems to take a while to get right.

    Reminds me of pine - once I had it configured (back in the day) it was great.

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    The O.P is just trying to compare Versamail and Wireless Sync....
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    I have used both VZWsync and versamail. VZW has the ability to backup your contacts, calender, tasks mail and memos. It will also forward any mail you set up to it's server and you can access the mail via their website or the phone. I really like the backup feature of the VZWsync and still use it once a day to back up contacts, calender and memo's. I now use chatter for the push feature so I have turned off the mail sync setting.

    As far as versa mail goes, I used it for a month and could not stand it. It caused more heartache and headaches than I could stand..............
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    Easy to use/setup
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    Well, since you're trying to compare VersaMail and Wireless Sync, the two bundled apps ... here's my take:

    I use and support approximately 10-12 Treos in our small organization, both 650's and 700p's. On the first few 650's we started using Wireless sync -- just for email purposes (pulling from a POP3 account). However, I found that many times, the user would have to re-enter the password. And in some cases, the user was not notified that the sync did not occur -- they would just not get their email.

    Switching over to Versamail was a good move for us. It has basically ended my support issues in our organization. It is easy for a non-techie to learn and use. I've used it for a couple of years without any major problems. It's not perfect, and there are probably better commercial products, but in my opinion, it's not bad for an included email client.

    We're migrating to MS Exchange in our office and plan to continue to use Versmail, synchronizing via ActiveSync. Hopefully that will work acceptably.

    Hope that helps.
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    Since I reaaly don't need the push feature, I use Snapper and have it set for auto fetch every 20 mins. That works for me. I also have it set for no-limits on downloads. This way I get the entire email and any attachments with no truncating.
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