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    I have an unbranded GSM Treo 650, and I've been searching around for a good thin case with a belt clip. There are a million types available. I've also seen a million replacement battery covers with reset holes.

    But I've NEVER seen a belt clip that simply uses a battery cover with an integrated belt clip nub. Alternatively, it could have a screwhole for a belt clip nub (though the battery cover may be too thin for that).

    Why isn't this available? First of all, belt clips are far more necessary than a reset hole. Second, attaching to their belt is the only reason some people bother with the belt clip cases, and would prefer not to add any extra bulk. Third, it would offer greater stability over many soft belt clip cases. Fourth, it would certainly be an easier purchase than choosing between hundreds of belt clip cases. With all the extra gunk out there for the Treo, why not this?

    Please! Somebody make a Treo 650 battery cover with a reset hole AND a belt clip nub, and sell it with the belt clip. I'd buy it!
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    interesting idea.
    not sure if i'd use it due to lack of protection though.
    id be curious if the battery cover clasps are engineered strong enough for this new load
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    Ive seen some and actually bought one that glues on the back.

    Its a nub that glues on to the back and attaches to a belt clip. It can pop in and out of the clip. (the nub)

    I never attached it because before I got around to it I found a perfect case for me.

    If you go to your local mall and stop at the cell phone supply kiosk Im sure theyll have one.
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