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    I am having problems where my txts are taking a long to send. This happens when I have good service (Philly, NYC areas). I have the following applications installed:

    -Versamail (whats the deal with this app? should I use Chattermail?)
    -Directory Assistant
    -Crazy Alarm

    Any advice would be much appreciated

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    The only application I do not have in your list is Crazy Alarm and I do not use Versamail...shame you asked for an opinion about Versamail - bunches use ChatterEmail. I suggest giving it a go.

    As for drag time - none with SMS. Ben
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    i get some delay sometimes it stays stuck on the sending messege screen for about a minute maybe more, but mostly happens when i have bad service
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    For the people who get delays, do you empty your chat box or do you have hunderds or thousands of sms in there? I assumed I was getting this delay because of all the texts there.
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    I deleted all my messages and still have the problem.

    I also have lots of free space on my Treo.

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    yea same here I empty out and the delay sometimes comes back. I kinda did notice tho that the delay happens mostly when its trying to aquire a signal or has no signal at all

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