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    I like Agendus and have considered Agendus mail. What I have seen of it I kind of like in the demo, with the excetion of one thing....


    Even if the app is in RAM and mail is stored in RAM instead of on a card, it literally takes 2-5 seconds or LONGER between EACH BUTTON PRESS. Scrolling through one email can take as long as 30 seconds!

    Am I the only one who has that problem? I have Snappermail, and tried out versamail and chatteremail, and none of them act that way. It is specific to Agendus mail.

    Any ideas folks?
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    I've tried Agendus Mail and it wasn't slow like that.. Just not that impressive as an email client.
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    If you haven't tried it lately (>5.2x), then you should give it another try. There have been some major enhancements like switch to html view mode, store emails/attachements on card, save email as meeting, task, call, memo. No latency noticed in using the application here! Great app and integration with Agendus Pro.

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