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    In my calendar app, I'd like to change the colors for the various categories. I did before, and it seems to work ok sometimes, but sometimes it causes the phone to reset. It happens when I pick a color - it immediately resets the phone. This happened on my old phone... took a while to get it to accept the new colors, and now, because i got a different 650 (warranty replacement), it is back to not letting me change the colors of my categories again. Any idea why this is happening, or what I can do to get it to let me change them back to what I am used to?
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    Here's the deal - if you use your own predefined event categories (other than the default ones), and hotsynch those into a new Treo (or one that has had a hard-reset done to it), then the phone doesn't take those well and may reset when changing colors. The trick is to get these predefined custom categories into the phone before hotsynching a calendar.

    Here's what you do:
    1. Back up your phone via hotsynch, including calendar.
    2. Delete the event categories on the phone (you can hard reset if you have your calendar backed up/synched to a desktop program such as Palm Desktop or Outlook).
    3. Before hotsynching, enter in your predefined custom event categories.
    4. Then, make sure the calendar conduit is set such that the desktop overwrites the handheld.
    5. Hotsynch.

    After this, your event categories should be stable.
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