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    Does it make sense that my battery dies out completely if I forget that I can't allow my telephone to touch anything in my purse that is metal? Or at least I think that's the problem, I had it next to my metal can of Altoids and next thing I know it is dead and I'm out of cellphone all day. The simple solution might be to not put it next to metal but I was wondering if this is the actual problem or if I just need a new battery. Any thoughts?
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    The case is plastic....nothing contacting your phone will cause that. What it might be is that you have too much metal in your purse (altoids can, etc) and you're blocking the cell signal. Your phone will try to boost it's signal strength to talk to the cell towers in a weak signal situation, thereby draining your battery much more quickly. Have you noticed that you don't have to recharge your phone nearly as often when you're in a location with a nice strong signal? Anyway, sounds like your battery isn't holding much of a charge anymore. Might be time for a replacement. How old is it?
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    My battery is about two years old. It make sense that I might be draining my battery because this mostly happens during the day when I'm working and my phone is on but locked away in my cabinet. I will try turning off the phone during the day to preserve the battery while transfer my mints to something plastic. Thanks!

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