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    Looking for a fast 2Gb card for T650 for Mp3, movies, games. Price range $40-$70. Before any search-button nazis chime in - Yes, I have searched the threads, some info was helpful, some just too old, but I still cant decide till I hear some first hand reviews. Newegg reviews are too conflicting and arent Treo specific. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would benefit from this.

    Here are the options (

    1. SanDisk Ultra II - $69

    2. OCZ 133x/150x - $48

    3. Patriot Extreme Performance 133x - $46

    4. Corsair 133x - $46

    5. Ridata 150x - $42
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    I have the Corsair 133x from Newegg for my 700P. I absolutely love it. The test results from card speed are faster than most of the results I've seen posted on this site. Great bang for the buck.
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    Thats the one I'm leaning towards. Besides read/write speeds are there any other advantages of the SanDisk Ultra II over the others?
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    The OCZ 150x is actually $36 after shipping and rebate.
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    i have the RiDATA 2gb card and i am pleased with it...good card IMO
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    I bought a brand new 2 GB Sandisk Ultra II and a regular 2 GB Sandisk SD card from a reputable seller on ebay.

    I could not get either one to work on my Treo 650. Why? I have absolutely no idea - I tried everything, formatting them on the Treo, formatting them via a card reader on my PC. Nada, Zilch. They would format fine on the pc ( I even copied files to them without any problem), however as soon as I insert them into my Treo, my Treo would see them for a split second and then as soon as I get out of the Card Info application and come back in, the Treo would not see them. Go figure.

    I finally gave up and bought a new 4GB A-Data 150X card off ebay and this works perfectly!!!
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    A-DATA is probably the best, but you'll pay a little extra for the quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGS View Post
    I bought a brand new 2 GB Sandisk Ultra II and a regular 2 GB Sandisk SD card from a reputable seller on ebay.

    I could not get either one to work on my Treo 650.
    I've read that over 90% of Sandisk SD cards sold on Ebay are fake. Not that they dont work, but they certainly dont have the same speed and space. I guess compatibility would also not be the same.

    Found it!

    The fakes look almost identical.
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    I have an OCZ 2GB 150X SD card, and I like it. Only possible drawback is that formatting on the PC only seems to work when using the quickformat option. Otherwise, it only has 1GB available. But I don't know of any advantage to formatting without the quickformat switch. I formatted using FAT32 16K, and using FAT16 32K. Both formats work great in my Treo 650, as long as I rename the card within the Treo itself.

    Mine was a great deal last month: $17 from ($37 - $20 rebate).

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