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    We just started using Goodlink at our company. I have 700P and find two functionality issues annoying an wonder if there is a fix.

    First, when you access Contacts the Find box always has the letters from the last search you did which means you have to clear it every time. Any way around this?

    Second, in Messaging I cannot access my contacts. On the 650 there was a "lookup contact" field in the "To" section. Without Good, the 700p just searched for the contact as you entered the letters. With Good it does not do this which means the only way to send a message is to access the contact then use the drop down menu and pick Compose SMS. A lot more cumbersome. Is there a way around this?

    In general I have found that many actions on the Treo require more keystrokes when using Good then without. I called Good support and they were not very helpful.

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    Regarding your first issue, this is the way the application is set up and there is no way around it.

    For your second, this is a concern that has been expressed here at TC, as well as other forums, several times and it is my understanding that we are working on accessing contacts for messaging.
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    With Good 4.9, the find box has the letters highlighted so typing something new will automatically replace it with your new letters. No real need to clear first.

    You might consider enabling the Palm Contacts db as described in this FAQ to restore full contacts functionality in Messaging and caller/picture ID in Phone. With the extra memory available in the 700p, it's now an option whereas in the 600/650 one typically couldn't afford it.

    This is really only a workaround, not a fix, but thought I'd throw it out.
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    Thanks to you both.

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