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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGS View Post
    I didn't even know you could use efax on a Treo!

    I use TrustFax for my pc and the price is $19.95/year and this includes:
    - 70 Free Pages*
    - 15 MB Storage
    - Toll Free Fax Number

    Great product and even better pricing.
    I like it!
    $1.67 per. mo.
    Just call me Berd.
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    I have a 700p and it's hit and miss whether or not I can open native PDF documents from a fax. I'm using the docs2go that came preinstalled. Any other software solutions?

    I use maxemail, also and am extremely pleased. They have great support.
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    Try GoSolo...does faxing, email and phone!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    I like it!
    $1.67 per. mo.
    Glad I was able to help you berdinkerdickle!
    Unlocked Rogers GSM Treo 650, PalmOS V5.40017, Firmware: 01.71, Software: Treo650-1.20-ENA
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