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    Well your new sales model is officially a giant pita for your users.

    Our company does not have corporate accounts with the phone carriers nor to we want them. We want our users to work whatever deal for service they want with anyone they want. We want NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH CELL PHONES AND SERVICE!

    In Cingular's case this is not too bad as you posted the billing code you need to get on the correct Good data plan but still a pita herding the users like cats to get the changes made on their personal accounts. Thats about half my userbase.

    On Sprint, this is impossible to add unless the lines are corporate lines or maybe not... no one there knows. Trying to get them to help you is a recipe for an aneurism. I've hung up on reps twice now trying to get my account changed after an hour of cluelessness. I have 13 users including our CEO I need to get changed here.

    On Verizon I have no idea yet as we just have one new user with them and have not tried to make the change yet.

    I need someone on Good's end to contact me and help get a hold of the right people as Sprint and Verizon to setup the right plans. If I don't, well they are not going to get changed and if you turn off our users like your email claims, well you are never going to get another dime from us. We will just buy a darn Win Mobile 5 device for all of our user and move to AS Push.

    We do NOT want to do that. We have been ecstatic Goodlink users since the 1.x days on reflashed RIM 957 devices. The product just plain works and is super easy to support.

    Please help us! I sent a request for help in, and got a call back in broken unintelligible English that told me the same damn thing the email did but had no help at all! We need to know how to get the carriers to set us up right.


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    I will have someone call you today to address your particular issue, however, for others that I am sure are in the same boat, I wanted to clarify a few things

    Unfortunately, as of right now, Sprint does not offer the Good Data Plan (GDP) on non-business accounts. We are currently working with them to change this, however, I have not heard of a time frame. When it does happen, we will notify users. For users on consumer accounts, we have the option of signing up for the Secure Transport Service (STS) directly with Good in place of a carrier GDP.

    As for disrupting service, we understand there are time and communication constraints. Disruption of service is a last resort that would only be taken after many, many steps. We completely understand the paradigm shift that is required for our current customers as we switch over to our new licensing model and we want to make the transition as smooth as possible, knowing that there are going to be cases and situations that may be a bit bumpy. We appreciate your patience during the transition.
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    Thank you very much for you follow up and reply. It looks like both Cingular and Verizon will be lesser issues. Our one VZ user got switched to the right plan at a store yesterday without TOO much confusion. We are starting to chase our Cingular users today. We also know what to tell those users who are getting new service on those two so they are setup right from the start.

    Sprint is looking to be the real issue. Not sure what to do yet but STS is not an option we want (even if we actually have enough legacy ones to cover them all right now). Will take any help we can get in dealing with them.

    The biggest issue will all of this is that ALL of the carriers have too many darn backend data plans on their systems to actually train the sales folk to set the up right. Everyone you speak with on their end wants to help, but does not really know how.

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    Ditto on the giant PITA, I'm still chasing folks down and we have the exact same environment as you for the same reasons, I can't ever get a clear response from Good. On a positive note I did find out I actually have a Good rep, however, he seems to ALWAYS be out of the office.
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    Your rep recently left the company. You have a new rep. PM me your contact info and I will have her call.

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