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    I currently live in Russia. To save money (T650s cost over $600 here) I ordered my first Treo 650 from Ebay. I'll have a family member bring it to me here. The phone I got comes with just the basic charger, usb, and manual. Treos are a rare find here and so are the accessories, hence the high prices.

    What else shoud I order as far as add-ons or upgrades while I have a chance to get them somewhat cheap from US?

    Are any of the following worth buying:

    -spare battery
    -cradle charger (charge treo + xtra bat)
    -spare stilus
    -screen protector
    -headphone adaptor
    -wifi card vs enfora adaptor
    -software (that I cant get thru web or torrents)
    -other suggestions...

    I'm planing on using it as a second phone, email, calendar, mp3, games, video. I'm pretty tech savvy, and plan on upgrading to custom rom to accept 4 gb cards.
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    if you think you'll be a heavy user, then a spare battery
    screen protector
    headphone adaptor
    enfora adaptor only option if you want wifi
    spare stylus if there is a chance you'd lose it
    all software you can get online

    how about a case?
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    Car charger
    and Palm bluetooth headset - it uses the same charging port as Treo and comes with plugs for different countries

    PS. I'll be in Moscow next week - but not for long

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