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    I haven't saved up enough money for a new video iPod.....but who needs it? With my Treo 650, I can accomplish the same thing!

    1) Download you favorite video podcasts from the iTunes Store. FREE!
    2) Download iSquint ( to convert the video podcast a size that will work on the Treo (I used the default settings) FREE!
    3) Download the TCPMP player ( FREE!
    4) Download the TCPMP AAC audio plugin that's no longer included ( FREE!

    That's it! Everyday I go to a little sandwich shop next door for lunch. Normally I just bring a magazine to read. But today I watched a 10 minute MacBreak video podcast. Pretty cool!
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    "That's it"? no wonder people buy ipods
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    I just bought a new video iPod. Movies look very good, much better than a Treo screen.
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    I downloaded the software you mentioned and converted a few video podcasts and put them on my treo, works very nicely.

    What a great tip.

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