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    hi i have just been given a treo 650 on uk orange and i have some questions

    1)were is the Graffiti 2. app? how do i write on screen

    2)when im play game running app and i press home does that really close the program or leave it hidden in back ground if so how do i close it fully

    3)on the orange site it says the update firmware is version 1.20 tho my phone says 1.31 when i go to app manager/phone info so whats the score there is there update newer or not

    thanks in advance
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    1) I know it's not an answer to you question, but I used to be a grafitti user and no longer use it since having the 5-way available. Particulary after installing FieldPlus, which gives cursor movement capailities.
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    1. You can use GraffitiAnywhere to enable write on screen and then input via Graffiti 2

    2. Most programs will exit when you press the Home button with the exception of programs that work in the background like mp3 players. Obvious way to tell is whether the game sounds are still playing when you press the Home button.

    Can't answer #3
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