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    Audacity Audio has established an SD Card section on their web site to help educate the public on SD Card issues. Buying a good SD Card is not as easy as it sounds, but Audacity helps the user understand the problems and provides the tools to guide the user in the right direction. The site offers editorial content, a forum for the reader to add content, free CardSpeed testing tools, and the ability to see how various cards perform with different hardware.

    A card that works well is not dependant on just the card, but also the hardware it is used with. Too add to the confusion, some cards work well with certain hardware and work poorly with other hardware. Here is the most dramatic example I have found. I have a Treo 700P and a Treo 700W. The hardware is very similar, but here are the results of two SD Cards. The first card is a Kingston 512 MB Pro Elite 50X card and the second a Palm 1GB card. In the Treo 700P the Kingston card wrote data over 5 times faster than the Palm card. The Kingston tested Excellent and the Palm tested Poorly. When tested in the 700W, both cards tested Excellent, but the Kingston card was only about 60% as fast the Palm card. So which is the better card? It really depends on which hardware you use it with.

    Audacity not only provides free testing tools for both Palm and Pocket PC, but also a table to view the results of others and to post your own results. The Audacity site is Then click on the SD Education tab. Audacity Audio is the developer of the Audacity Personal Voice Recorder and the Audacity Professional line of dictation and transcription products for Treos and other PDA handhelds.
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    cool. good share...thanks
    noodlelest wet noodler
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    Thanks Fred - I am still looking forward to the Professional version of Audacity Pro for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC. It looks like my next Treo will be the Treo 750V (or whatever Cingular calls it). I love Audacity Pro for Palm, but will need it for Windows Mobile/Pocket PC.
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    Fender Doc,
    The Audacity Personal for Pocket PC is about to be released. The Audacity Pro for Pocket PC is still in development. They are both carbon copies of the Palm versions. All of the back end processing applications of the Pro product line remain the same. Thanks for asking and stay tuned.
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    This is a great site. I am a real newby to the Treo world and have been having SD problems. My card just didn't test well. This really helped. You have my recommendation.

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