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    I have the camcorder set to save to the SD card. I took a short video and then previewed it, but I guess I hit the trash button instead of the save button. Can this file be retrieved from the card?

    Since the file was saved to the card for the preview, I'm not sure if it's handled the same way by the filesystem as if it had been really saved and then deleted.

    I've used a couple of freeware file recovery programs on the card, but they usually have a set of file extensions that they look for and .3g2 is not one of them.

    Does anyone know of a good recovery program that I might try?

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    yes mate use one called encase for the pc just pop your card in a card reader load up encase and away u go if anything can get it back that can its wat the fbi/cia ect use it can recover a lowlevel formated hd so should find it fine

    here is link to a few others
    payed software but does just what u need
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