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    Hi all,

    I just performed a hard reset because I was getting a weird error and reboot when I received text messages. How do I install software programs one at a time from my desktop rather than all together? I'd like to figure out if it's a specific program causing the problem.

    Thanks much!
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    u have to move your backup folder to like your dektop, then on the next sync a new backfolder will be created, rename the one on desktop to old backup folder, then start installing one program at a time from the old backup folder

    backup folder
    c:/programs/palm/hotsync id/backup

    then u can right click on hotsync icon on the bottom right of your screen and modify what u want to sync, to shorted time on every sync until all your programs are installed
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    I need to do the same.. just worried becuase some of my 3rd party apps are important, ie pocketmoney lol. I don't want to lose that and not be able to re-install it.
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