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    This sounds really easy but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. What I want is an application or a hack that will allow me to specify one or more applications to password protect. It can be the same password. I don't care if I have to put them all in the same category, actually that might work pretty well.

    I know the security built into the Palm OS will let me password protect each record but I want to be able to set a similar password at the application level.

    It doesn't really have to do anything other than that. I don't want to use another App launcher since I LOVE SilerScreen.

    Any and all suggestions would be great.
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    this should do it:

    although i'm not sure if you can use silverscreen with it....i think there's a hack out there somewhere that might do the same.
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    You may want to check out a replacement launcher application called Launch'Em. From what I understand Launch'Em uses tabs, which I believe are the same as "categories". You can hide a "tab/category" using the same password protection mechanism in the security application. You can place the applications that you want password protected in that 'hidden' tab/category, see the VisorCentral discussion forum,
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    I wanted to do the same, and the only thing I found that I really liked was Commander, from Palmation.Com. Unfortunately it's not freeware, but it's only $15 US.

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    If you wanted to protect the data of the applications, then I would highly recommend PDABomb. I'm not sure that it would prevent someone from seeing or trying to run the application itself, but it is great for protecting database files that contain private information.
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