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    It is a little thinner (depth) than the 700p. Not much, maybe 3mm or so. But somehow it manages to feel like more. The reduced weight does make a big difference. I know it doesn't sound like much, but basically it moves the weight half way from the 700p to the Motorola Q. So it makes a big difference. On the 700p the sides are rounded out, but on the 750 they are rounded in, so that makes it feel smaller also. On the 750 at least, the soft touch paint is fantastic. It really gives it a quality feel. I know it sounds weird but in person the total effect really makes it feel alot less.

    But I can also see the decreased size in the charger. The 700p fills the available space in the charger stand slot. The 750 fits and works, but there is space all around it that isn't there when the 700p is in.

    Quote Originally Posted by oalvarez View Post
    may i ask how it feels "way smaller" if it "isn't physically that much smaller than a 700p?" is it the 1oz difference in weight? perhaps that is it, or is it the curved sides? is it more thin? i suppose i should just compare the specs for myself.
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    oh my god, I never heard so much complaint.... no wifi, no 3G for 680, phone form factor isn't smaller.... If you are so unhappy with palm, go somewhere elase then.. gosh!
    You know other device is not grand either
    motrola Q - no touchscreen, hard to navigate, include word and excel only for ready only. Worthless peice of junk
    nokie E61 - no wifi, no touchscreen, no 3G.. may be you are more happy with that.

    Personally, I am very excited about 680. It is a perfect upgrade from my beat up treo 650. No attena and more momery is hugefor me and it is going to be a cheaper than 650.. it is a perfect replacement. POS doesn't support 3G, so what do you want palm to ? If you want a better model, go with 750V. Geez! Why the hell you need WIFI anyway, Edge do just fine for me.. Not like you ar egoing to watch porn on your treo. geez. Why do you need a better camera and pass the cost to us. 1.3 mega pixel camera is still crap... if you want to take good quality picture, get a real camera!!!!
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    nokie E61 - no wifi, no touchscreen, no 3G.. may be you are more happy with that.
    Well you got one of three right....
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    azngu78, quite the way to make an entrance, but welcome! And I for one agree. I have had my unlocked 650 since the day Palm released it. Am I buying the 680, heck yeah. It's smaller, the upgrades to the POS, although minor, are worth it. Thank God they got rid of the reset button, never understood that anyway - just always lifted the one side of my battery to reset it! Camera, thats why I have a digital (actually 6 of them). My work provides me with an air card, so who cares about wifi. And to top it off the "supposed" price. And will I buy the 750 when its released?? We'll see how well the 680 fits my needs. But from everything I've read. Palm hit the mark with the 680.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    Well you got one of three right....
    sorry.. meant to say E62.. the us version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo-mike View Post
    I am a little confused about how the 680 appeals to the mainstream while the other models have not. What is so drastically different in a 680 from say - a 650? The interface looks the same. It's still the same palm PIM apps. From what I can tell, the only real differences are:

    1) Phone app a little more pretty
    2) No Antena
    3) Colors
    4) A shortcut key to recently used apps (sounds like more of a power user feature).

    Not trying to bash - but this thing just doesn't look that different from any past attempts to me. I guess the only thing that would make it more mainstream is a smoking price point.

    To me a mainstream push would be a Treo that is a little more phone like. Gives you basic PIM and e-mail. Does MP3 - but with user friendly desktop software for music management and playlists. Hides the complexities of 3rd party apps and is thus rock solid and stable.

    I realize the 680 has more memory - but I am not sure that is a feature that appeals more to the mainstream as much as it does the geeks.
    IMO, too much is being made of the "upgrade" paradigm. I have a 650 and I really don't know right now if I'll go to the 680, but I doubt it. On the other hand, if my 650 were to die on me, I'm sure glad I could now replace it with something better than just another 650. New users will likely go 680 as well and be way better off. That's all a good thing.

    If the price is really good, I may upgrade anyhow just to get the memory -- 23 MB available on the 650 has always been a big sore spot for me. I have a bunch of apps that can only be in RAM that I haven't got loaded because there simply isn't any room for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAdMoNKEY View Post
    I saw an old friend of mine a few nights ago at dinner, and discovered he works for Palm. I mentioned how I follow all the latest rumors at TreoCentral, and he pulled out his Treo 680 and let me play with it. I didn't do much with it, didn't want to frighten him off with my Treo obsession (that way I can hit him up for more information in the future!), but it was pretty damn cool. Just bought a 700p, and need to keep Sprint, but man the antenna-less version is sleek and seems much smaller (alas only for Cingular right now). Anyways, thought I'd share and gloat at the fact that for once I actually can participate in all the rumors and be one of those guys who says "My contact at Palm told me about the latest & greatest...". Two interesting tidbits I got out of the conversation:

    1) The Treo 680 will be launched in a week.
    2) Palm closely monitors TreoCentral.
    A week, eh? This post was made on the 9th. Tis now the 22nd. Where is doth 680? I seeith not.........
    What can I say? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
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    Yeah when is it coming
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    Quote Originally Posted by babydol View Post
    A week, eh? This post was made on the 9th. Tis now the 22nd. Where is doth 680? I seeith not.........
    When he said "launched in a week" I think he meant the 680 would be announced in a week (which it was). That was why he let me play with it--he wasn't worried about leaking the information anymore. Why Palm would announce it when it still wasn't "ready" (i.e. available from Cingular) beats the heck out of me.
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    Ask your friend about release dates
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAdMoNKEY View Post
    When he said "launched in a week" I think he meant the 680 would be announced in a week (which it was).
    How about you tell him the truth. Tell your friend that you're helping leak seekers on and need some answers. Hopefully it won't be a big deal because, like you said, the phone is due for releasing soon and he isn't worried about leaks. I've searched lots and lots of websites, but the only thing I can come up with is that we "think" the phone is coming to Cingular in a week, which is basically the same information being spread on the internet. Hopefully, SG2's post is accurate, although with 7 posts I'm not too sure. Then who am I kidding, I've got 2.

    You didn't happen to see what carrier it was running when you opened the phone app, did you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stl08 View Post
    You didn't happen to see what carrier it was running when you opened the phone app, did you?
    His 680 was for Cingular--I remember asking him and then seeing the Cingular logo in his launcher. I thought this was common knowledge? I've been stuck with the Treo 600 until just recently (got a 700p), so haven't been following all the rumors like I used to. If I had realized how big of a deal this was I would have payed much more attention. The reason I don't want to write him back is I don't want to bother him too much too soon, also once I start asking him questions I know I'll get 1000 posts asking me to ask him some more. Besides, we joked about how everyone relies on Treocentral, and I told him my username as well. He's probably reading this Heh heh. BTW I'm just guessing / joking around, don't know for a fact if he's actually reading this thread.
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    funny how palm never listens to what people want.

    so he's got a cingular-branded treo with active cingular service. cant wait till i get one.

    i type this on my 8125, wondering how soon it will be until i can type on a treo. i'm dying with this qwerty brick. WM5 cant be this sluggish on other devices. is it just the 8125 that's bad?
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