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    Good Guy,

    You helped me before and I'm hoping you can help me again! Work had enabled the password lock feature on my phone b/c I use Goodlink for my work e-mail. This is a major problem b/c the Treo is my personal phone. It is a huge PIA especially when I'm driving and go to make a call and I have to enter a password....not possible when driving due to the caps and numbers required in the password. I had previously downloaded FileZ and I'm hoping I can alter a file like I did before in two seconds and be done with it! Can you help??? Hope all is well with you!
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    Nevermind Goodguy...I found a post from you from January regarding this. I don't think it can be changed from what you wrote then. Thanks anyway!
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    call up your Goodlink Admin team at your work, and tell them your situation and tell them to diable the password lock on your account, this can be done on a per user basis
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    Jeepik - you are kidding right? why would an admin break or disable the handheld policy they put in place to secure the data on a device? The Treo may be a personal asset, but if you install GL on it, the data is the IP of the company.

    On the plus side, there are better security solutions outside of GL including Good's Mobile Defense and 3rd party companies like Trust Digital, Credant, BlueFire and others which allow a user to access the phone without a password but still require one to access email, calendar, and other apps on the Treo or WM device.

    The Good admin wants security but he\she may find their "real world customers" aka you, need to use it while driving and the above security apps may be a win\win for both.
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    I accidentally found a solution to this for the Palm Treo. I don't think it works for WM devices.

    1. Make a GL backup to the SD card. Use Backup buddy to backup eveything else.

    2. Hard reset the Treo. Restore all the other apps only using Backup buddy. Then change the password time-out as desired. Back up again using Backup buddy.

    3. Reinstall GL from the SD card. It will force the password time out. Then reinstall the Backupbuddy backup. It will overwrite the security app back to the original so you can change it to never expire.

    At least this worked for me.


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